All Marketers Are Liars

All Marketers Are Liars is the latest offering from Internet Marketing guru Seth Godin. Godin's stuff always makes for an interesting read - the style is rhetorical and direct, providing examples wherever one of his hypothesis emerge. I quite frequently find myself wondering if Godin is actually a brilliant writer and marketer OR just someone catapulted to popularity via vanity press and some *powerful sneezer* friends.

I passed by the cash register with $24.95 less cash-on-hand yesterday... So naturally, I am hopeful that I will see some ROI on this investment. Otherwise, I will be forced to admit that:

(a) I made a bad decision in selecting my latest source of knowledge input, and
(b) I wasted $24.95 of my not-so-difficulty-earned cash (I do work in the idea economy afterall).

In reality I think Godin is an excellent *communicator* who writes as though he will be reading his stuff verbatim at an Internet Marketing seminar. But, that is more than ok. He is selling these books afterall, so it is difficult to find fault with someone who is demonstrating his craft while instructing you on how to do the same. How well does that fit with the idea of viral marketing? Malcolm Gladwell - any comments?


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