Mark Cuban - Revolutioning the Way You Watch Movies with "Day and Date"

If you love movies and you don't know who Mark Cuban is, then it is high time for an introduction: http://www.blogmaverick.com/

Mark's show "The Benefactor" may not have been as good a watch for young biz wannabee's and reality tv junkies as Trump's "Apprentice" - but Mark has several big things going for him:
  1. He has revolutionary ideas
  2. He has the money to make the aforementioned ideas a reality
  3. He has the balls to risk the aforementioned money on said ideas while flying in the face of all-too-resistant-to-change top guns in industries like the "Movies"!
  4. And... he has much better hair than Trump. (Yes, someone must have said this a year ago, but I'm too lazy to Google it)
He's making the big push on HD and opening up the possibility for consumers to choose their medium, "day and date" style. What does that mean in short? Well... watch a movie at the threatre, buy it on DVD, pull it on to a USB drive at the airport, or download it to your Sony handheld gaming system - all on the same date. Choose your poison.

Predictions for Mark:
  • He'll ink a deal with NetFlix and WalMark. Blockbuster might be left out. They are too old school to be progressive. I'd like to see NetFlix eat them up and build a new hybrid biz model that works.
  • He'll acquire or merge with a major movie studio to increase his available offerings. Expect this move after he gets his new Sony HD cameras in place in his threatres and starts making a real buzz... especially big $$$ numbers with movie vehicles with low production costs.
  • Expect a deal with the NBA first. It's the most obvious entry point into live events for him. Other major sporting events will follow. Hockey could certainly use a jump start. Mark... please see what you can do for boxing.

    Bold Prediction: The President will address the nation over Mark's live HD theatres with 1 year of them becoming popular in large metros.
  • He's going to bring a young gun celebrity onto his team. Morgan Freeman is already on board. But look for Matt Damon, Ben Afflect, or their celebrity buddies with progressive minds to come onboard. Richard Gere might be too politically focused - but George Clooney is still a big option.
  • He'll look at acquiring a big piece of some small theatre chains.

What else is he going to do?


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